I have a new home now!
Danbury, Texas....Boston Terrier                     Maggie
Dear Sandy,
I am sorry that it took me so long to email you, I have been very busy. Maggie is doing fine, her visit to the vet on the 15th
of July went well, the vet said that she is very healthy, and could see no problems. She weighed 5 lbs and is due for her next
visit on August 7th, she will get her next series of shots. She is the  #1 source of entertainment in our household. She is so
playful and funny. We hate to go to work and school, we are afraid we will miss something. She has more toys than most two
year olds. I will send you more information re: her vet visits and progress We are enjoying her so much!

Dear Sandy,
Maggie is doing fine, she is a mess, better than watching a video. She went to the doctor last week and weighs almost 7 lbs.
Hope you are all fine.
Thank you,

Hollywood, California.....Lhasa Apso                            Bailey
Hi Sandy,
OMG, he is so adorable!!! The flight arrived on time, but it took them about 45 minutes to bring him from the plane to the
Cargo Hanger. Does he have any vocal cords? LOL He was so quiet when I opened the kennel and he didn't even want to
come out. Tried it with a doggy treat, but NO WAY! I gently pulled him out of the kennel and petted him behind his ears.  I
guess he was saying to himself "Who the heck are you? I don't know you so I won't even look at you!" and he turned the
other way. I gave him some water, but he wouldn't drink it. I put him on a towel on the passenger seat of my Jeep and I
guess he really liked the ride. He started losing up a little bit. Kinda looking around, checking things out, giving me "The
Look", but he was a very good boy. We finally made it home and I showed him his water and food bowl in the kitchen and his
bed with all the toys in the bedroom. Now he started following me around and would not leave my side. He drank some water
and I took him outside for the second time and we walked for about 45 min. At first he didn't like the leash but he got used to
it really quick. He still pulls ocassionally, but when I say "Let's go!" he keeps walking. No luck with "Go potty" so far , but
surprisingly he didn't even make it in the kennel on the plane. I will not feed him until tonight because I figured he already
had coffee and donuts with you this morning before he left!  LOL  There is not a sound coming out of him. Not a cry, not a
bark, nothing! He did have some white mucus coming out of his left eye so I wiped it off with a soft tissue. I will have the vet
check it out tomorrow. That reminds me I need to make an appointment. Sure looks like he just found his spot next to my
desk in my office area. He won't leave my side. He is sooo cute. He is a little bit bigger than I expected him to be, but that
face alone makes up for everything. If he would stay this size he would be perfect, but you never know maybe I will get lucky
and he will stop growing at 5 months like his mother. I think it is mostly the coat that makes him look so big especially the
back portion of his body. I think I will have the back trimmed a little, not shaved like a poodle (I hate that) just a little trim so
he won't be as puffy. Now he just moved underneath my desk right by my feet. I think he misses you a lot because he just
lies there minding his own business looking very sad. I am sure he will come around. He will get plenty of TLC from me. Ok,
Sandy I hope this answers all of your questions and you won't have to worry any longer. I will keep you posted. I have not
looked at the paper work yet, but I will this evening and send it out to you as soon as possible. Thanks again and breed lots
of cute puppies like Bailey.
Take care,

Can you say LAZY?  LOL    Bailey
Hi Sandy,
Attaching some Bailey pics I just took today with my web cam. He has been a real good boy and goes potty and poopy outside all the
time. The only thing he needs to learn is to alert me when he needs to go. He really doesn't like to go outside that much. He did have
a little accident this morning right after we came back and he was already finished doing his business, but it wasn't really his fault.
For some reason he doesn't like to eat in the morning and I made the mistake to give him his worm medication on an almost empty
stomach. That probably did it. What a mess let me tell you. I thought it was just a couple of little piles in the living room when I
rushed into the kitchen to get paper towels and found the origin of the poopy after I had already stepped in it! LOL. He went to the
groomer yesterday and got a haircut. Looks really pretty and he looks a heck of a lot smaller. Also feels a lot better in this hot
summer heat wave we are having her in LA.  So much for the update.
Take care,

Smithville, Texas.....Lhasa Apso                          Knight Konner
Good morning! It is Thursday, August 29, 2002. Just writing to you to let
you know my email address, because I am now the proud owner of one of
your puppies. The name you gave him is Knight Konner and I got him for
my birthday from my family. My daughter Kierstin picked him up yesterday. My email address is:............................, I also have a call
in to the vet I use here in Smithville and should be able to take him there sometime today to get checked out.  Thanks! He is a real
cutie and I love him already.

Seattle, Washington.............Boston Terrier                 Gloria
Hi Sandra,
Gloria arrived fine. She is OK!!!
Thank you,

Hollywood, California ..........Lhasa Apso                    Bailey
Hello again Sandy,
I don't mean to take up your time, but I really wanted to thank you
for sending me Thee most beautiful and loving dog I have ever met. Baliey is so good. He follows me everywhere I go, he listens to
every word I say and I get so many kisses (sometimes more than I want  LOL) I take a shower and he wants to jump into the tub. I
have worked things out with my apartment manager. He just looks at him like he is another big cat. I hope you received the
documents you requested. I have taken care of his puppy medical needs. I will take him back to the vet for his last puppy shot. Please
tell me if I bother you with my emails, because I also realize that breeding is a business and no matter how much you love all the
puppies you want to forget about them, but you also told me to inform you about his well being.
Thank you Sandy,

Hollywood, California........Lhasa Apso                                Bailey
Hi Sandy,
Hope everything is fine with you. Bailey is growing up, he weights almost 15lbs, but he is still very much a puppy. He has lost most of
his baby teeth and got really confused about what was happening. I had him almost house trained for about 2 weeks, but for some
reason he got diarrhea and mucous, so he could not hold it again and pooped all over the living room. We went back to the animal
hospital yesterday and they did tests but couldn't find anything wrong with him. I have him on a special diet and 2 different kinds of
pills at the moment and within one day everything seems to be back to normal.  He is still very quiet, but sometimes very playful.
Everybody loves him because he is just like a big Teddy Bear and very doggie and people friendly. Bailey and I will be flying to Florida
on 10/18/02, but I can take him on the plane with me so he won't be stuck in the cargo hold. I took new pictures of Bailey, but for
some reason my camera got misplaced. I will find it and send you some pictures. Have a good day and Bailey is in good hands.