Hey there Sandy,

Just wanted you to know that Augie (Pshay) had his first doctor's visit and all is well.  He said he was in good health, no more runny nose.  
:)  He's fitting in great with our other pets and Newt just wants him to hurry and get a little bigger so he can play harder!  We've all fallen in
love with him and he's lots of fun and full of life!

Thanks again for all you've done and we will stay in touch and send pics as he grows.



Just a brief update on our wonderful little puppy.

Her name is now Abby (Susie) and she is just so much fun to love and care for.

She has had quite an exciting life since she left James.

She has gone through hurricane Ike, unbeknownest to her, like quite a trooper and survived a week without power, she has traveled to
Laughlin, Nevada and back and loves to ride in the car.

She is our precious baby and is loved by all that meet her.

She is really a smarty pants and is growing like a weed.

Thank you for posting her on your web site, we feel so lucky to have found her!

Bruce and Janet Conrad

Richmond, Texas

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that we are absolutely in love with our new puppy.  We did change his name to
Sammy and he is just too adorable for words and so well behaved.  We have so much fun with him when it's playtime and I have even more
fun when it's time to cuddle.  He falls asleep in the funniest positions, in our laps, on our legs, on our stomachs, etc. He's super energetic
now, I think he has really adapted to our home.  He loves to run all over and explore.  He's definitely starting to nip and chew on
everything, but we have spoiled him with more than enough chew toys. We went to the vet last week and Sammy got a clean bill of health
(minus a little bit of pink eye, but we have been giving him eye drops).  He's already housetrained too - we're still on a pretty strict schedule
with him in that sense, but he definitely understands the concept. I dropped the guarantee in the mail, so you should be receiving it soon.  I'll
also post a review on your website. But for now, here's a few pictures of Sammy.


Bree & Keith

Hi Ms. Love:                                                                                                              Pic unavailable

Just wanted to send an update to you.  We took our little man to the vet yesterday and he was definitely the star of the hour.  The doc
checked him out and said he is wonderful.  He is eating great and is VERY active and playful.  We already have his next vet appointment in
March set.  We have renamed Sophies to “Ducky” -- if you watch the NCIS show on CBS on Tuesday nights, you’ll probably see where we
get our names from.. hehe

I have a couple of photos that I took of him the first night we introduced him to our other male dog, a Pug named Gibbs.  Gibbs LOVES him
and is very gentle with him. He can’t wait for him to be a little older to play more with him.  I plan on sending these pics to your father to
enjoy.  See attached.

We are loving him to pieces.  I certainly appreciated your help the other day and should we ever be in the market for another furry child,
you can bet we will be calling you up!

Take care,




Hi all- Just thought we'd send some pictures of Bullet and give you an update. He is 7 pounds now and doing great. He is a wonderful puppy,
great temperament, very sweet, gets along good with the cat and our other dog Thunder (the pug) and loves to play. He already walks on
the leash well, and at 3 months is house trained! Very smart. We thank you again for such a great dog, we love him very much! Hope you
are doing well J.D.- The Calvin Family in Austin

Hi Sandy!

I just wanted to write and say hi, and to thank you for helping us bring home such a wonderful puppy! Olivia had her last set of puppy shots
yesterday, and the Vet said that she was doing just great. Olivia has been such an amazing addition to our life -- thank you again for

My very best,Brad

Chopper doing great!! We love him!! Thanks for everything!



Here they are- he's about 10 pounds now- very smart, learned "sit" very quickly and is now working on "stay". He loves Thunder our Pug
and loves the cat, Tiger Lily (a little too much sometimes). He's a great dog and we love him! His registered name is "Calvin's Speeding
Bullet" and fits him to a tee, he's fast, and can already jump very high. Tell J.D. hello for us and thanks for such a great pup.

The Calvin's

Hey Sandy,

I just wanted to say thanks for my Boston Terrier who I named "Chopper". I took him to the Vet and they said he was a healthy puppy. I
will send you pictures later down the road, just wanted to say thanks. Talk to you later


Katie Adams commented on your status:                                                                     

"My puppies Sandy yes are the light of my life.  You would never remember now but I have my Bubba from your fathers Eric the Red and
your Recee's Peanut Brittle he is an amazing dog and had a litter of 4 that are beautiful.  I kept his only boy Texas.  Actually Little Texas I
figured that was such a big name for such a little guy but he is a spitting image of my Bubba and I am so greatful for him and his healthy
blood lines my research paid off in finding you guys I am truly blessed because of you and your family.  :)"

Hi Sandy!

I check back on your site often because I love seeing all the Bostons, and noticed that Sayra has passed. I am so sorry to hear that. Sayra
and Dumpy were the parents to our little guy that we got in February. His name used to be Otto, but he goes by Boris now. Boris is a quick
learner, and has brought so much joy to my husband and I. We love him dearly! I have attached some photos of him, along with us that were
taken about a week ago. Again, I am so sorry about Sayra, I feel a connection to her since she was Boris’ mom.


Katie sent you a message.

Re: Bostons

"Sandy I'm sorry about your dad.  I kept my tabs for a long time after you mom passed away too and I was very proud of him keeping all
that going. It has to be hard, at least he has you.  A piece of him,  your mom and you live on in all the love you've spread over the years to
all these homes.  I have never met you guys, but you have blessed my life so much more than you could ever imagine and I am greatful.  
Take care of yourself and the family.  Tell you dad me and the puppies from Salem Mass are thinking about him :)"


Just a quick update to let you know my pup is doing great!  We renamed him Creed and on his papers I will probably title him "Apollo's
Creed".  We went to the vet yesterday and he is very healthy, no worms or anything to be concerned about.  Thanks for doing such a great
job raising healthy pups!  Everyone has fallen in love with him and Apollo even let's Creed play with the end of his tail - it's ADORABLE!!!!

Thanks again for everything and I'll send you pictures when I can.

Stephanie Pepper

Brandy & Sandy,

I just wanted to let you know that America is doing great! I have named her Mali, and she is very fun and playful! I took her to the vet last
week, and she weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces when she was just shy of being 2 months old. She definitely is the runt, but she doesn't seem to
think so! She has become best friends with our 80 pound golden retriever... she was never afraid of her! She also loves to play with our
papillon. She is doing really well with the potty training, and she is eating very well. The vet said she is a perfectly healthy puppy. She's
fun... She sleeps through the night... She's sweet! I couldn't ask for a better puppy! I hope y'all are enjoying the summer!

Thanks so much!
Natalie & MALI Shannon <3

Hi Brandy,
I received the application for Arial aka Abby registration. Thank you for sending it . She is doing very well and is so much fun to watch. She
is learning from Brass, our older Boston, and is ignored by the Sheltie. Thanks again,
Bonnie Burton

We named him Brody. Thank you! He is a mess and growing more cute everyday!

:) Michelle Bickford

This is Carol(renamed Bailey).  She is a year old today.  I graduated from Texas State in May.  Bailey and I live with my parents in
Houston.  They also have a Boston terrier.  We all love Bailey.  

Thank you for selling her to me.  Rachel Hughes

Hi Sandy!  I hope you are having a great Christmas.  I don’t know if you remember us, but we were the ones that won one of your puppies in
a charity auction almost 6 years ago.  Sadly, Bogey got out of our yard and was hit by a car and died.  When I called you, you gave me very
good advice about getting a new puppy, not to replace Bogey, but to fill the void.  My parents and my husband’s son came to see you and
brought us our sweet Freddie.  

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that he has always been such a sweet dog, but now has an even more important role.  Last
year we were very surprised to find out that after years of trying (an d nothing working) I was pregnant.  My pregnancy had a few
complications and every time one arose, Freddie would just snuggle up next to me or lay across my belly, but not put his weight on it.  He
just wanted to help keep that baby warm through the winter.  

We were a little nervous about how he would act when we brought her home because he is still very “spirited”, but Sandy…I think he thinks
it is HIS baby.  He just wants to be near her, never touches her toys, and really watches over her.  

I am attaching a photo for you.  I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous holiday season!


Hi Sandy,
Just thought you might like to see Abby at 5 and 1/2 years of age right before Christmas with her red bows in her hair.  She is just the
sweetest thing and a wonderful member of our family.  We love her to pieces!  Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and
looking forward to a very good year in 2010.  
Diane Kennedy
Groesbeck, Texas

Hi Sandy-
Raider is settled in at his new home in Dallas.  His "official" name is Conan... it fits him well.  He seems to be very happy and did not cry at
all last night.  His brother is an Australian Shepherd named Gus who has been amazingly gentle and they appear to be getting along great!  
Conan growls at Gus when they play and he has already earned the nickname Gremlin.  Potty training will take some time but he is off to a
great start.  We went to the vet yesterday... he is a healthy little guy and I was able to stop giving him his medicine after his stool sample
came out good.  The vet called him a "solid kid".  

So, he is off to a great start and quickly became an important member of our family.  Attached are a few pics... I seriously think he's grown
a little bit since Saturday.  I will send you more pics once he is much bigger.  Thanks Sandy!!

Sara D'Argo
Conan's Mommy

Hi Sandy-
All I have to say is I have the sweetest puppy ever born!  Conan is all I could ask for in a companion.  Conan in now fully potty trained, his
ears are completely up, he loves his kennel, loves to cuddle and loves to play with his big brother Gus (a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd).  
He can "sit", "stay", and "lay down".  We are still working on all the others.  Each vet visit has gone extremely well, they say he is very
healthy and seems like an all-around good dog.  We go in this Friday for our third puppy booster visit.  I went on vacation a couple weeks
ago and he stayed with my dad and his 13-year-old Boston, Rocky.  Rocky is very old and was a little annoyed but my dad could not be
more thrilled to have Conan.  When Rocky goes to heaven he plans on seeing you to adopt a Boston... maybe two.  

I just wanted to give you an update and send you some pics.  Feel free to use the pictures if you wish.  Thanks again for my sweet Conan, he
is the best companion anyone could ask for.   

Sara D'Argo


We just thought you would like to know about how gorgeous Panda (Porky) was doing. He is just a great puppy - and we got him a friend
Levi who is his age (5 months now) he is full of beans and very lovable and stubborn ;) he has had all his puppy shots and been neutered and
the vet says he is in great health & one of their favorites.

thanks again, all the best!

Claire and Duan


Just a little update on Kafka: the veterinarian saw him yesterday afternoon at 3:15 and said that he is in good health. He tested negative
for… I forgot the name of the test, but the one that shows whether he needed to remain on the Albon. J The doctor also said that you all did
an excellent job in breeding him and providing him with the care that he needs. We made an appointment for July 15th so that Kafka can
receive another round of vaccinations. I will keep you posted regarding this visit. In addition, I registered him online through the AKC
website as you advised.

Attached, please find two pictures of Kafka.

Brandi M. Cortez

Hi there…well, as you can see it is a match made in heaven…they can’t get enough of each other…she’s already started crying when we
separate them, but right now, we’re trying to potty pad train her for nights and don’t want her to have access to the doggy door while we’re
gone.  We’re afraid she’ll go out and won’t be able to get back in and it’s so hot out right now, it worries me.  Anyway, I’m sure it won’t be
long…she pottied outside last night, this morning, at lunch so she’s getting used to going outside.  She LOVES the grass…it’s hysterical to
watch her play in it…here are some great photos Keith took today…

Loree Sowell


Just wanted to give you an update on Duke (formerly Jupiter).  He is a great dog and loves to play with our other 2.  He picked up the
doggie door right away and is doing great in his puppy class.  Duke is a big boy!  At his 15 week check-up, he weighed almost 17 pounds
already.  We are so happy to have him in our family!

Thank you,

Maria Howard

Just wanted to give you an update on him.   He is doing awesome!!   Slept the whole way home and is nothing but a love bug.   He wont
leave my side when i bring him out to potty and has only done it in the house a couple times.   He whimpers at night if he has to go and we
let him out.  He is great around other dogs and is just all around a great puppy.   We are so happy that we found him.   I will keep you
updated and send you pictures when he gets older if you want us to.  We actually re-named him.   We named him Brady.   Seems to respond
really well to it and we think it fits him.   I am also a patriots fan and their quarterback is named tom brady and he is a "boston" terrier and
the patriots play in boston so thats why we chose it.  

Jeff and Amanda

Hi Sandy,  

Today's Nick's 8th Birthday and He's doing Great. I will Cook Him His favorite Meal Chicken, And take Him to the park. Nick is still
crazy about playing with his Ball and Loves His Toys. He's very Happy and so am I.  Thanks For Breeding a Great Friend...Hope all is
Well with you & Family...   


Sophie found snow today; such a happy girl!!

Lynn A. Ruderman

Hi. Sandy,

Happy New Year! The girls are loving Angel (formerly known as Tina).  Angel is doing well on her crate and house training. Attached are a
few photos.



Dear Ms. Love,

After bringing Deanna home, we decided to rename her "Lucy" because she was so adorable and lovable.
Everywhere we go, we get the now familiar "Oh, she is so cute!" My neighbor thinks we should rename her "Precious."
We are very happy to have her as part of our family. She epitomizes everything her breed should be because she is
intelligent, easily trainable and very loving. She knows how to come, sit, stay and lie down and loves everybody she meets.
Lucy also loves to play. If anyone we know ever wants to buy a Boston Terrier, we will recommend you. Thanks again for
letting Lucy be a part of our lives.

Hello Sandy!!

We wanted to let you know that Logan(black and white) and Wilson(seal and white) are doing wonderful!!  They are inseperable and refuse
to play with more than one toy at a time...including the cat!!  We are so happy we found you in our search for our new family members!!  We
thought Logan was getting to a good size and then took Wilson in for his second shots.  Logan was about 6 pounds at about 11 weeks, but
Wilson was 10.5 pounds at 12 weeks and is now as tall as his brother!!  I attached a picture of "the boys" so that you could see how they
have grown.  Thank you again for our boys!!

Philip and Ranae' McLean


Good morning.

Yesterday Rondo got the last of his shots.   He's doing very well and is as healthy as can be.  As of now he's up to 14.8 pounds!   Here's a
picture of him sleeping with his new favorite toy.

Rod and Rondo

Hi Sandy,

It was great talking to you today. We cannot be any happier with our little guy Nucky and want another one just like him! His birthday is
10/17/2011 and would want one from the same dam and sire if they are still producing. Here's a few pictures of our big guy! 29 lbs. and as
healthy as can be. We get compliments on him everyday for his perfect markings and soild stance and I send all of those admirers your way!

Thank you for giving us the gift of an awesome Boston Terrier!

-Vanessa and Jeremiah Cook

Sandy and Family

Well you guys have another celeb from your Boston family - along with Boomer (who is now 12) is Rowdy who will be 2 in December (time
flys).  Rowdy is named after the race car driver Kyle Busch AKA Rowdy who drives the M & M car in Nascar.  Went to his Fan Club
Meeting a few weeks ago at his shop in Charlotte NC and Rowdy was dressed for Kyle.  She had on M & M's (made out of food coloring)
on the white of her and she wore a Kyle Busch 18 hat.  People took many pictures and his wife luvs dogs and Rowdy was caught kissing
her.  Its on their facebook page under Kyle Busch - Fan Club -  Her tongue is out and kissing Samantha.  I have attached a pic - maybe you
would want to put on your Family Page.  I know Boomer is all over it.
Luv to see your pics of the puppies.....

Patti Olivieri/Florida


Well my daughter has named this puppy Crystal and she is loved....thank you sooo much...

The New Family


Pic attached for your family stars page

Samantha  - she is so beautiful and luvs to play in the yard.

And go to  races - she is  named after Rowdy Busch's wife

Samantha...Her friends are Dale Jr and Rowdy who are

Bostons too,
You need Java to see this applet.
I have a new home now!!!!